donderdag 9 april 1970

Jack-Knife Gipsy

You can also play the E as an E7, since the piano player keeps working the d note.


(B7) Jack-Knife Gipsy don't you take my (E) life
(B7) My kids are hungry, the sickness got my (E) wife
I (Am) work at the mills where they make that stockyard (E) feed
So you can (B7) take my money, my life is all I (E) need

Jack-Knife Gipsy every man must cheat
I know you probably, probably done the street
To much of nothing can make us very small
But if you cut me deep we won't have nothing at all

Jack-Knife Gipsy I see you don't look so good
Well I seen you limping through the neighbourhood
I know your momma and I knew your daddy too
Come see me next payday and I'll see what I can do

Jack-Knife Gipsy I'm going home to bed
This ain't been nice but we've got something said
I once held a knife the same way that you do
So you see there ain't much difference for me and you

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