donderdag 9 april 1970

Jasper and the Miners

Capo on II

(Em) (Em/d#) (Em/d) (A7/c#) (G) (C) (Cm) (G)

(Em) Jasper told the (Em/d#) miners (Em/d) not to dig too (A7/c#) deep
For (G) they just might find (C) something he'd (Cm) rather keep (G) asleep
The (Em) miners took their (Em/c#) joking, (Em/d) leaning on their (A7/c#) spades
While (G) Jasper got so (C) nervous and (Cm) a-pointing the other (G) way
The other (C) way... (D) the other (G) way

Now if I'll pay you money, said Jasper with a grin
Would you go and leave me and not start digging in
O no we're men of honesty said a miner very sly
We don't like deception and we don't like to lie
Like to lie... like to lie

We see by your forehead that you're a brilliant man
Won't you let us help you, we'll do the best we can
So the miners started digging, and out the dirt did fly
They never noticed Jasper had brought his .45
.45... his .45

Jasper was so furious, shot them one by one
And covered them up neatly in the hole they'd just begun
The last time I saw Jasper he was running down the road
With his boots put on backwards just in case it snowed
In case it snowed... in case it snowed

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