zaterdag 11 april 1970

She Made Me Lose My Blues

Capo on fourth fret

(G) (D7) (G)

(G) I met her at a (F) dance, I (C) thought I’d take a (G) chance
So I held her tight when I (D7) heard those fiddles (G) play
So now I’ll tell the (F) news: she (C) made me lose my (G) blues
Just one little kiss and I (D7) threw them all (G) away
(Em) I got a love so true and nothing you could do could change me
(A7) I’m gonna let it shine … like a blinding (D7) light
(G) But I’ll be back for more, I’ll be (A7) a-tapping at her door
(G) And we’ll climb the hill when the (D7) whippoorwills sing (G) tonight

Tell me now who you love, my honey my turtle-dove
Come a little closer and drink my cherry wine
Whisper in my ear the words I want to hear
And I’ll be your daddy till the end of time
At the break of dawn we’ll both be gone my baby
We’ll get lost far across the sea
You can run in the sun, I’ll play on my tin-drum
So tell your ma, tell your ma that you’ve gone away with me

My girl’s so fine, she’s a friend of mine
So when you see us coming better greet us with a little brass band

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