woensdag 17 juni 1970

Any Day Woman

B7 E

If you don't (B7) love her, better let her (E) go
You'll never (B7) fool her, you're bound to let it (E) show (E7)
Love's so (A) hard to take when you (B) have to fake
(E) Everything in (F#m) return
You just (B) preserve her when you serve her 
A little (E) tenderness

If she's a woman she'll try to make it last
If you're a man now you better end it fast
There's no reason here, no treason here
It's just the way of a woman's mind
And she has no blame, she has no shame
She just loves you

And it's not easy to undo the done
Nor to speak too freely to just anyone
And if this takes more than you bargained for
Then boy it's time you learned
Not to walk so proud and talk so loud
When you're coming on

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