donderdag 8 april 1971

If I Could Stay

C - G+ 

(C) If I could stay 
(Am) I'd stay here with (C) you 
To partake of your (Am7) pleasures 
Like I used to (D7) do 
But I'm restless and (C) cold 
And I think I'll grow (G7) old 
Feelin' (C) hungry (G7)

If I brought you a dove 
From a cinnamon tree 
Would you cage her with comfort 
Like you've put around me 
Or would you leave her to fly 
To seek out the sky
And the fire

If I was a painter 
I'd paint you a scene 
Of roses and children 
Like you see in your dreams 
But I must escape 
I'm not part of this fate
I'm a stranger 

If I was a train 
I'd know the right track 
To find my way out of here 
To find my way back 
I might need a cure 
But I'm not really sure
That would change me

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